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The council also finds out and are about to take her powers when Jax steps in and takes the blame.His powers are then taken and Emma thanks him by kissing him.It is revealed that Mia is plotting to destroy Emma to get her revenge on witches, who destroyed her people.Towards the end of Season 3, Emma had to choose between Jax and Daniel.After a mishap, Emma tells Daniel the truth about magic and the Continuum Break and is happy that he agrees to return to Miami with them, despite everyone's warnings of the dangers.When Emma and the gang arrive back in Miami, they help Daniel to try and regain his memories.They also find out that The Principal and Maddie have powers of their own.

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After learning that she is a witch, Emma gains a guardian named Lily, who helps her with her magic and spells.In BF-Never Emma says Daniel always has time for her and in The Abyss they kiss and get back together.After defeating Evil Emma and Desdemona turning back to normal, she and Daniel share a hug. Emma gets sent to boot camp for a short time along with Jax.Desdemona becomes Emma's new guardian after Lily leaves for council training.During the Fool Moon, Desdemona is trying to wreak havoc upon the Magic Realm.

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