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The woman he had hugged so affectionately in his kitchen in Preston Hollow, an exclusive residential area in Dallas, was a swindler, a gold-digger. The conversation with Geschwindner lasted four hours.

But Nowitzki still doesn't understand what happened.

Her hair is tied up in a loose ponytail and she is wearing a baggy, green shirt.

He gets some cheese and cold cuts from the enormous refrigerator to make sandwiches.

They are intimate and affectionate with each other, and she rubs her head against his stomach.

He envelopes her with his long arms and pulls her gently to his body. He seems a little shy, as if sensed that someone were watching.

When he saw the documents that had been compiled by a detective, Nowitzki was filled with rage. For years, there had been a warrant out for the arrest of his fiancée, whom he had intended to marry on July 18 of this year, on multiple charges of fraud and document forgery.

Dirk was asked about Max in an interview with the Dallas News about his son, saying Maximus is doing great.

Half a year later, Dirk Nowitzki is sitting in his father's office in Würzburg.

The season is over, and so is his relationship, and he is taking a break from his life as a professional basketball player in the NBA.

Too much privacy, he says, isn't the right thing at the moment.

Nowitzki tugs at his lower lip as his eyes dart around the room.

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