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" Without waiting for a response, she took his hand and walked straight towards the door.

As the door was closing behind her, she looked over her shoulder at me and says, don't wait up hunny.

She stopped in the doorway to the sunroom and said, "hey hunny, you weren't supposed to wait up." "I couldn't sleep." I say. I'm a little tipsy and we're going to go upstairs to have a little more fun since our bed is available...

I hope that's ok, I've had an amazing time so far and I want to top it off with a bit more fun." "Ok, I guess," I say.

"Why don't you go play some X-Box so you don't have to listen to us...

you know how loud I moan when I'm excited..." she says and leans over to give me a peck on the forehead before she turns to go upstairs As I hear her footsteps on the floor upstairs moving towards our bedroom, I get up and follow...

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**************************** So the day finally came for my wife's date.

She said, "Here, so that you behave while I'm not here to supervise, you need to go put that on and bring me the key." After putting our daughter to bed I invited him in while my wife finished getting ready for her date with him.

As she came down the stairs we were both awestruck. I hadn't seen her look this hot since her and I were dating.

With that I turned to get in the car as he took the cart to go back into the store.

A couple days later, bing went my wives phone as she received a text message from her new friend.

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