Dating violence research

It may also be that females feel more comfortable reporting dating violence than males do.

In addition, slapping or pinching may seem more socially acceptable to report than the types of assault that are more typical of men.

Regardless of gender, dating violence can lead to many problems that extend far beyond the immediate physical abuse.

Victims often have low self-esteem, depression, learning difficulties, suicidal thoughts, and unhealthy weight control behaviors.

A 2000 study found that less than 3% of boys or girls reported the incident to an authority figure, such as a teacher, police, or counselor, and only 6% reported it to a family member.

More than 30% told no one at all, and 61% told a friend.

However, some studies have found girls reported being the aggressor in dating violence more often than males.

For instance, a 2010 study of sixth graders found that 31% of girls reported being the perpetrators of dating violence while only 27% of boys admitted being violent.

The bad news for parents and other caring adults is that they are unlikely to be told about these incidents of teen dating violence, making it difficult to deal with the problem.

Research has demonstrated that adolescents’ risk of abusive relationships increases for teenagers who engage in sexual activities at an early age believe dating violence is acceptable, and have conflicts with their partner. Many studies of heterosexual couples have shown that men are normally the perpetrators of dating violence and that women are primarily the victims.

This finding has important implications: It suggests that interventions should focus primarily on changing male behavior.

The link between adolescent and adult dating violence suggests that if we want to decrease domestic abuse and battery, interventions need to target the young.

Preventative measures and education need to be started in early middle school and focus on both genders, not just males.

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