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You may find more optimism in the fact that as we increase the range of our dating life with N, the optimal probability of finding Mr/Mrs. As long as we stick to our strategy, we can prove a threshold exists below which the optimal probability cannot fall.

Our next task is to prove the optimality of our strategy and find that minimum threshold.

Some have no information anyhow- so I have to use their photo alone.

How do I stop a conversation if a man gets in touch too often and I don’t reply?

But most of us probably want to consider a wider range of option than the first 3 viable options that enter our life.

This is essentially the same reason why we are encouraged to go on multiple dates when we are young: to find out the type of people we attract and are attracted to, to gain some good understanding of dating and living with a partner, and to learn more about ourselves along the process.

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You should be able to preview and edit your profile through the profile tab at the bottom bar.

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Should you use this strategy to find your lifelong partner?

And when you finally ‘get it’, you know how to take the perfect selfies for your Tinder’s profile and you have no trouble inviting that cute girl in your Korean class to dinner, you would think that it shouldn’t be hard to find Mr/Mrs. What if you are so desperate to get matched on Tinder or to get dates that you decide to settle/marry the first person that comes along? So there’s an exploring part and a settling-down part to this dating game.

Of course, you want to end up with the person who ranks 1st — let’s call this person X. And as n gets larger the larger timeframe we consider, this probability will tend to zero.

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