Dating sunnyvale

Sunnyvale is a very funny film about a lifelong loser, who suddenly finds himself dating 3 different women.

Each of the women have interesting stories and have all somehow met up with this guy who doesn't leave his apartment and eats more food than a herd of water bison.

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The first to find out about it was Julian when he found them in a compromising position in season one during a B&E of Jim's trailer ("Mr. One of the running gags in the series was that whenever they were caught doing something involving sexual role-playing, they were 'rehearsing a play for the Blandford Recreation Centre.' Eventually, the secret became too much for Randy to handle, and he outed them both of them in front of a large gathering of park residents, and none of them gave a flying fuck except Ricky, who was visibly confused ("Where In The Fuck Is Randy's Barbeque? After that, Jim allowed his homosexual tendencies out more readily and seemed to harbor a long-standing attraction to Julian, when later in the series, comments about him being 'sexy' became more and more common ("The Kiss Of Freedom") A one point, he makes Julian kiss him on the lips to make him give him his 1% of trailer park ownership.

At one point, Jim repossesses Julian's grandmother's trailer while Julian is in jail, and he and Randy live in it for a while ("Give Peace A Chance").

Generally, Randy and Jim live together wherever they are, including a period when the two of them and Barb experimented with a communal living arrangement in the supervisor's accommodations ("The Mustard Tiger"). ("Jim Lahey Is A Drunk Bastard", "The Bible Pimp", "Where In The Fuck Is Oscar Goldman? Jim was originally married to Barb and had a daughter with her, named Treena ("What In The Fuck Happened To Our Trailer Park? Presumably at some point after his wrongful termination from the force, a gradual decline in his adjustment to life ensued, causing him to turn to heavy drinking and eventually fall out in his marriage to Barb, which led to divorce ("Halloween 1977").

Finally, Jim appeared to have the best of both worlds when he, Barb and Randy all lived together.

But this dynamic came to a screeching halt when Barb became too frustrated with Randy's weed smoking and the fact that he had cheated on them both with Lucy and got her pregnant. Following that, Jim's relationship with Barb deteriorated once again, and Jim returned to booze, partly as a result of pressure from Barb that he 'was more fun' when he was drinking ("We Can't Call People Without Wings Angels So We Call Them Friends").

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