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The Spanish also introduced , a process of relocating the most disruptive tribes to areas where they would not make as much trouble.These two practices wiped out many indigenous groups, and many of their languages did not survive into the 21st century. During the 16th and 17th century, the Spanish had slaves imported from Africa, creating the Afro-Peruvian subculture that exists to this day.Indigenous people in Peru have experienced discrimination since the first days of colonization.For many decades after Peru became a representative democracy, it was illegal for illiterate people to vote in Peru.Peruvian cuisine is the most heavily influenced by the variety of ethnic backgrounds found throughout Peru.The blending of these cultures mixed with Peru’s unusually large number of climate changes due to its many geological difference, combined with its unique, indigenous agriculture is what gives Peruvian cuisine its edge and makes it some of the best cuisine from around the world.We will be happy to ship your gift card anywhere in the country. Whether you would like to pay for an entire experience or send a bottle of wine to help them celebrate, please download our Prepay Purchase Form and email the completed form to [email protected]

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Spanish conquistadors swiftly imposed a policy called m’ita, forcing the natives to work in the mines.

Native Amazonians were forced to help harvest the rubber plants.

It was at this point that many Amazonians began to assimilate into the Peruvian culture, or die out because of the abuse and diseases outsiders introduced.

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