Dating newly divorced women

She wants a man she can trust, who doesn’t try to play her. This is the kind of woman you don’t have the right to deceive (even less than others).

While you always have to be respectful towards women, this is especially important here.

Failure never feels good, and here it is especially bitter: the person she thought was made for her… Because of this, her selection criteria will become more demanding and her confidence will be lower.

A divorced woman has to get re-accustomed to being the object of someone’s affections.

Her distrust must be deconstructed, put in perspective.

Think of it as a challenge, an opportunity to show her that there are men who are interested in her and can imagine a future with her.

You have to present yourself as a good alternative, a breath of fresh air, but keep it natural – you don’t want to force her hand in any way.

→Patience: seducing a divorced woman can take time, much longer than usual.

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The woman you’re interested has had her honor violated.

If you are too physical, too sexual, or if you come on too strong, you could scare her off.

So, I would advise you to focus on her body language before attempting anything: she must be open and clearly showing signs of attraction (already described in several articles). The more you lie, the more you risk pushing the lady away and reminding her of unhappy memories.

Today, I’m here at my computer to address a topic reserved especially for our more mature readers: how to seduce a divorced woman.

As we know, the context is very different from a random encounter with a young lady who wants to experience life and who is open to romance.

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