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If you think that Venezuelan girls are goddesses with a bright character, then you know too little about them!Like other women from different countries in South America, Venezuela are very versatile personalities.Venezuela is located at the very top of South America, bordered by Brazil, Colombia and Guyana and has a population of aprox. The capital is Caracas with a population of 2 million people.The official language is Spanish but lot of people also claim to speak English as well. Those women are exotic and you will enjoy every minute you spend with them.They may have gone under the knife for that perfect breasts and bottoms. Join our Spanish Facebook group to find more Latin women, who are looking for a partner from a western country.Simply visit our facebook group by clicking on the facebook buttons below and join the group.Do not think that the european wives are consistently housekeepers.There are women who skillfully combine work with everyday duties.

Relationships in families are built strong and trusting.

Here people have fun, sing and don`t think about problems.

In the system of life values ​​for women of Venezuela the first place is occupied by the home, families and children. She decides what will eat a husband and children for dinner, which sports sections are suitable for children and what furniture to buy in the house.

Wives try to spend all their free time with relatives.

And men can safely refuse fishing or football in favor of communicating with the family.

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