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This type of relationship is based on the cultural background of Ukrainian women, which is built around their faith and their belief in forming a family unit.

Women from the Ukraine are raised in traditional fashion with emphasis on marriage and children.

However, these arrangements are not all fun trips abroad, cultural exchanges and happily-ever-afters.

There are numerous challenges with the language barrier being the most important.

Despite what the FEMEN group has been touting and displaying in the nude, Ukrainian women make up 60% of the population with educational degrees.

Even though they have the same rights as Ukrainian men in many areas, such as politics and social standings, their position in the field of employment is very poor.

I am proud to say that most women in Ukraine are very intelligent, with many having completed college and have graduated from top universities, especially in the larger cities.Intimacy in a Ukrainian and Western relationship is a slow going process, because genuine women of Ukraine take romance and love very seriously.Ukraine women like to be made to feel like a person and not an object, therefore, intimacy will take several dates, no matter the language barrier.I have to mention that Ukrainian women are not desperate to find a Western man to leave their dismal lives behind.On the contrary, a relationship between a woman from Ukraine and a Western man is based solely on mutual respect and a good heart.

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