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Our core values – we care; we seek the best; we are teachable and growth-oriented; we speak to inspire; and we are bold and go-getters – guide everything we do each day, which has led to our success.It’s important to define core values because they become recruiting and retention tools, they define who we are, and they demonstrate to our clients that we are a conscientious company.” -Monte Lee-Wen, President and CEO of The PPA Group One of the first things Heather J.

The good news is, core values can help you achieve this.My team is growing and the way that I ensure these values remain intact is by allowing team members to make mistakes, fostering their creativity in problem-solving, and encouraging a little bit of fun every step of the way.By creating this safe, relaxed environment, honesty comes naturally and the drive to fulfill our mission becomes inherent.Once a company is scaling, I insist on having its 3-5 “corest” core values codified publicly online, and privately in a employee guidebook.Annual or quarterly awards recognizing employees who embody core values are a great way to reinforce their importance.

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