Dating in middle age

He was balding, slim build but I thought he was good looking and cute and had a funny personality. Anyway I dumped him because I began to realise that although he did care for me, he just didn't show it.On the phone or in a text message, he would be open and tell me how much he missed me when we were apart, but in person he was not cold, but reserved and never showed me any affection ie he held my hand constantly but did not so much as kiss me or hug me.I know he still likes me because he has been checking my profile online since Saturday. Why would someone whose been dumped wish you a happy xmas or am I reading this the wrong way?I did a stupid thing and sent a text on Sunday telling him that I had loved him and he had broken my heart!! He has since sent me a text back on Christmas eve telling me to have a nice xmas and he's sorry things didn't work out for us, not between us but for us. Is he glad its over or is he trying to get a response out of me? blu39 I seriously advise that you get someone to talk to via comselling or something similar.I did say to him that he was a different person in his texts and he agreed with me.Another thing I began to resent was that he never once gave me flowers or chocolates or any other type of gift at all. And the ball breaker for me was the fact that he could spend money on a woman with 5 kids with different partners, but not me.Whas wrong with just meeting people, keep it light, if you both click that is great, if you don't, move on.

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