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They also worship a God of same characteristics with name of their choice.Though some practices might seem offensive to us, it is also not accepted by ISKCON.Jagannathesvari described the team as follows: “We have now amalgamated a quality team of deeply committed and enthusiastic devotees, and I feel very grateful to be working with them.” As part of the service, a new website has been launched to facilitate registration, but team members will continue to provide a private and confidential service, and devotees’ profiles will not be displayed in the public domain.Everyone who registers will get to choose either their own personal matchmaker, who will suggest possible matches for them, or a team of administrators who will share multiple profiles that they can choose from.10,609 views A new marriage matching service for devotees has recently been launched in the UK as a combined effort between the former ISKCON Marriage Team UK and Sacred Ashram Team, who have joined together to become the Krishna Marriage Team and have amalgamated their databases together to provide a co­ordinated national service.Current members of the new team are Visvambhara das and Jagannathesvari devi dasi, Gaura Kishore das and Saumya­radhika devi dasi, Sundarananda das and Kirti­radhika devi dasi, and Brijesh and Priya Vadhvania. Dear devotees, Let me begin by explaining my current position.Despite being unable to attend mangal aratis and feasts or get to consume prasadam, I am still a vegetarian. As we are not allowed to cook in the hostel, an Indian lady supplies vegetarian food(with onion and garlic) daily. I am not very clear about how I feel towards him but I know it is hard to live without him because both of us love each other.

At the same time, I do not want to fall down from the spiritual plane. If I decline my love towards him, I doubt if I could find another person whom I would love as much as I love him.Therefore it is truly inspiring to see that the Krishna Marriage Team has come together and now launch this tremendous marriage networking facility.” For further information about the service and team, as well as access to helpful resources for devotees changing ashram, please visit IN THE NEWS Dressing up for Diwali: BBC Leicester Dressing up for Diwali: BBC Leicester Kiran runs a saree shop in Leicester and Chaitanya is a devotee of Hare Krishna.Please listen in to the clip from BBC Leicester as part of Radio 2’s Faith in the World Week.2) If yes, how can I help him to attain Krishna consciousness as preaching to those with no faith in Krishna is an offense to the Holy Name? How can you say that Christians do not worship OUR GOD? This universe is so big and full of mysteries that fighting on God is useless and shameful.

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