Dating girls who want poor guys

Negative attitude Even with the right knowledge and tons of experience you can still lack confidence in an area if you have a negative attitude around it.For example, let’s say anytime things don’t go the way you wanted with a woman you start beating yourself up for “screwing up”, and point to all the reasons why you’re not “good enough”.So to avoid these traps it can be a good idea to remember that if a woman isn’t interested in you there’s no reason to take it personally.After all there could be a thousand reasons for why things didn’t work out that have absolutely nothing to do with you.As a result you’ll naturally project confidence in other areas of your life, including your interactions with women.

For example if you lay around all day doing work you hate, eating a crappy diet, and spend your free time on unfulfilling activities, it’s going to be difficult to get in a confident state of mind when you’re around women.So perhaps the best way to gain confidence (that will positively impact every area of your life) is to stop seeking validation and self-worth from anything outside of yourself.Because at the end of the day your value isn’t determined by your bank account, job, the women you date, or anything like that. Your sense of self-worth and what you base that on is something you determine for yourself.Now if you’re wondering what to say in a situation like this you can simply go with what’s on your mind.Walking up to a girl and saying “Hi, you’re totally cute, my name is ___. ” is often all you need to get a conversation going.

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