Dating girl underage ariane dating walktrough

He received a call saying it was her dad and that he wanted money in exchange for not taking it to the police.I wouldn't be worried for him if he hadn't continued the relationship. There are laws for consent but, no laws for dating.I don't know all the details and this was just sprung on me. I'm not sure who contacted who first but the girl ended up sending him naked photos and sex messages. After my friend sent her messages and pictures in return she revealed she was underage and asked if he was ok with that. I told him to contact a lawyer immediately but the man wants his money in the next few days.

In all states it's like this but especially in arizona it seems like you can get branded as a sex offender pretty easily. Naturally younger girls are easier to get, and girls in general seem to want an older, mature guy; but it's not built around the assumption that girls might want to date older guys and guys might naturally go after younger girls.

there are plenty of older girls like that too just look around a little more if that is what works for you. and in general, i think relationships are more successful when you are in similar life stages.

for example, you are now an adult, probably living on your own, you have a job, or are in college.

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