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The App Store is filled to the brim with Free and Paid "solutions" (most of them terrible) to dating, dating advice, "sex positions", chat rooms, etc. It crashes occasionally and message, answered or not, keeps the badges up. If they update it with a fix for the bugs, I doubt you'll find a better solution. One of the biggest players in the dating community is on the i Phone.People that want to use the power of the internet to find a partner have to sift through the tons of garbage every random developer is putting out looking to grab a piece of that billion dollar pie. You can pay for an upgraded account, but its not needed. Most people say this app completely replaces the browser based one with the ability to upload pics and edit your profile. Their site is easy to use and they really do care about finding you someone of quality that matches your personality. I myself didn't experience many, if any, crashed. I think, though, these bugs don't make this app un-usable. You can edit your profile and upload pics from right inside the application.The online dating industry is now worth billion worldwide each year. But, where there is good news, there is usually some bad.That figure alone is why this app guide was so hard to write and why so many people have been asking me to write about it. One major drawback (and why the app has any bad reviews at all, it seems) is because they have quite a few app-side bugs.It has quite a few features like free messaging and winking that make it an attractive service for the free app hunters out there.

Also, you just gave me the option to have my iteration kill themselves??? How can I die of COPD but not be diagnosed with depression or something?

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