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Mossberg's 500 pump-action shotgun offers an amazing amount of gun for an unbeatable price!

The variety of stock, barrel and finish options alone assures the 500 a place in the hearts of outdoorsmen.

You can actually see the scratches on the mag tube from where the assembler had to slide the forearm on the weapon at installation (in front of where the forend resides). On this weapon, absolutely not just want people to be realistic and understand this is going to occur. I've pumped dozens of rounds through mine with no problems. It is not an 8 1 though, Mossberg counts the one in the pipe when advertising the capacity, so it's 7 1 as we'd see it on this site. If you're looking for something with adjustable chokes for hunting, just get the same 500 style with fewer rounds and chokes you can swap. No - Wondering got the best of me so I just loaded mine up with (7) rounds of 2 3/4” and (1) in the chamber, then loaded it up with (7) rounds of 3” and (1) in the chamber.

A: Contact Havlin Sales and Service at 636-937-6401 or

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Many of the most commonly requested parts are remanufactured or located through salvage.

The Havlins will assist you with locating parts if not in stock, or directing you to another source, if known.

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If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file.With over 1000 members, this is the best place to get exposure for selling your old Mossberg.You must observe all Federal, state and local regulations when transacting business, and be sure to use NRA standards when grading the condition of your items for sale.The new style has multiple "nipples" let's call them inside of the metal pump tube that pretty much immediately starts grinding finish off of the mag tube, but in straight lines. Would probably still be ok for buckshot/slug deer and small game with the right shell and distances.The pump to mag tube fit is tight as heck from the get go. It'll just spread faster than a modified or a full.

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