Dating a mexican fender guitar

The most significant difference can be found on the Telecaster.

The Telecaster from the “Traditional Series” had the traditional through-body stringing, while the Telecasters from the “Squier Series” were Top Loaders with different bridges, saddles and no string holes in the back.

The black label was used by Fender Mexico for a limited time only between 19.

It can be found exclusively on the rather short lived mexican “Traditional” and “Squier” series for the Telecaster, Stratocaster and Precision Bass.

I already have a squier affinity with good dimarzio and i don't want to trade my amp with the squier MIM if she has the same quality of my affinity you know.

I want to buy a peavey royal 8 amp and someone want to trade me the amp with a squier strat made in 93 it not a squier series as you can see on the headstock [img] So i want to know if the guitar is a good one.

But at the end of the day, the Guitar I almost always reach for, the guitar I consider my number 1, is my Mexican Squier.

Maybe I got the gem, but many guys swear by their Mexican Squiers.

The only thing that bugs me is I play the guitar I paid 5 for way more then the one I paid 1200 for. U just picked up a 94 MIM fender tele "squier series" all I can find is the quote that you posted above.

The original teles were top loaders and so are Les Pauls so it must not matter that much.

Just picked up a black label P bass on CL did not know much about this run of guitars in the 90's.

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