Dating a girl who cuts herself

If cutting is a way to feel deep dark emotions, experiment with ways to feel those emotions safely: Listen to music that matches how you feel, have a good cry, or write out your thoughts in a journal, even if you just write page after page of profanity in big black letters.

If cutting is a way to release tension, move your body—visit a boxing gym or go for a long, pounding run.

Reason #4: It’s an alternative outlet for emotional pain.

Kids raised in a household where sadness, hurt, or disappointment get invalidated or mocked start to believe that it’s not okay to feel bad.

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In short, think of cutting and self-harm as any other unhealthy coping mechanism like getting drunk, binge eating, or getting high; it’s a way to feel something other than what you’re feeling, or it can be a way to punish yourself for not measuring up. Even when suicide isn’t the intention, it’s all too easy to cut too deeply.Cutting can be notoriously difficult to stop on your own.If you’re struggling with self-injury, it's important to reach out to a mental health professional for support, help, and accountability.Today, people stand proudly against being fat-shamed or slut-shamed, but it’s harder to find someone who will stand up and disclose their own cutting or other self-injury.Self-harm is one of the last things people feel ashamed of—despite it being far more widespread than you might suspect.

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