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It’s still going strong despite being created back in the 90s, thanks to its simple design and intuitive system of organizing advertisements by region (so you can shop closer to home).

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( Let Go is a fairly new website and mobile application pair that is similar to Craigslist.

In the same vein, you can also use Let Go to browse products for sale in your local area and get in touch with their sellers.

Let Go even has image recognition features, so you may not even need to add a title to your advertisement — Let Go might know what you want to sell as soon as you take a picture of it!

( Now known in the United States as Close5 (formerly e Bay Classifieds), Kijiji is Craigslist’s biggest rival in Canada.

Like Craigslist, it focuses on localized advertisement portals and easy-to-use galleries for browsing and search.

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