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After giving birth to two children, a few months or years later, she is murdered.

Alex later meets a woman named Christine, who becomes pregnant, giving birth to an additional third child for the Cross family—Ali.

In Alex Cross, Run renowned plastic surgeon, Elijah Creem, is arrested and wants revenge on Alex. However, one of Alex's stalkers who is bent on murdering Alex, kills Ava after having the foster care services take her away from the Cross family for alleged drug use.

Alex, in retaliation, with Sampson and Bree find the killer and arrest him.

An ongoing theme in the earlier novels is the unsolved murder of his first wife, Maria.

Alex Cross is a widower-detective-father who often fights against threatening villains—and criminals—who wish to kill Cross and others.

One of his regular foes in the earlier books is Gary Soneji, the "Mastermind" who wants to kill Cross, out of revenge for Alex putting him in prison.

In some books, Cross sometimes works with—or against—the President/Secret Service in a few books such as Along Came a Spider, Jack & Jill, I, Alex Cross, and Kill Alex Cross.

She later leaves Ali with Alex dealing with traumatization over her kidnapping in Pop Goes the Weasel.

Afterwards, she tried claiming custody over Ali and succeeded.

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