Consolidating conservation districts problems

Those conservation activities include law enforcement, local communities and authorities’ awareness, capacity building, indigenous Community Protected Areas titling, and local livelihood improvements.Significant results were reached: the site was registered as a National Park; rampant illagal logging was tackkled, communities and authorities are fully working every month together to protect the site ; 2 Community Protected Areas were demarcated and recognized by provincial authorities ; dense forests recovery for 3,300 ha totalysing 83.30% of the site, 160 patrols (1 332 km) conducted by commnunity wardens jointly with rangers have secured the site from loggers and poachers, as results, densities of endangered wildlife have visibly increased.The schedule was very busy and the team had to visit the site and the districts and provinces several times a month to coordinate work with authorities.There was no time slot to conduct the assessment for ecotourism opportunity as scheduled in early 2017.

At this stage of the conservation actions ran at the site, Responsible Ecotourism is the most relevant activity to find a sustainaible system to continue conservation action at VSSP national park over the end of the project.King County closes Flood Warning Center as rain-filled rivers recede The King County Flood Warning Center closed just after 10 p.m. 28 following a day-long activation to monitor flooding from heavy rainfall.King County Flood Warning Center opens to monitor minor flooding on Snoqualmie River The King County Flood Warning Center opened at a.m. 28, after a night of persistent rain that brought the Snoqualmie River up to a Phase II flood alert level.Main problem identified Delay in assessing ecotourism opportunities to set up a sustainable system to finance community patrols.During the past 24 months, we had to adapt to changes (The national park authorities was shifted to Ministry of Environment from Ministry of Agriculture in 2017), which resulted in delays cooperation agreement with Mo E, Do E and increased work tasks for the team.

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