Consolidating audio files in pro tools

(Fig 6) Logic X "Export All Tracks As Audio Files" Dialog Box However it’s addressed in a particular workstation, the end result should be a collection of audio files that start at bar 1, ready to be easily imported and lined up in the target DAW.

If there are MIDI tracks in the original session, there are two ways to deal with them.

If the MIDI performances are done, and no more MIDI editing or Instrument parameter tweaking will be required, then they should also be bounced/rendered as audio files from bar 1.

However, the artist/producer on the receiving end may want to continue making further edits either to the MIDI performance data, the sound parameters of the instruments (virtual or hardware), or both.

However, if volume/pan/mix/plugin effects need to included, then the tracks must be exported using the Bounce function (File menu), where what you hear is what you get.

(Fig 4) Pro Tools File Menu "Bounce To Disk…"Depending on the version of Pro Tools, this might have to be done by soloing each track in turn, in real time (v10 and older).

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For example, should the exported tracks be raw audio, with no mix information at all; should they reflect the volume (and/or pan settings) in the source arrangement but nothing else; or should they contain all processing, like EQ, compression, and other effects?

These bounced files should ideally be exported into a separate transfer folder, and from there, they can be imported into the target DAW session.

Upon import, you just line them all up at bar 1, set the correct Tempo (if necessary), and the song is ready to play.

If the imported tracks will be used as a reference for overdubbing new musical parts, some mix information may be needed.

When this decision has been made, the choice will determine the specific method used for exporting the tracks.

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