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In this context “problems” are a challenge to be met with positive energy, optimism that it’ll work out fine, not as indicators that something or someone is “wrong.” 5.

We had a lot of fun together, shared many values and goals, yet something held me back.

This is no ordinary relationship that can be achieved with just anyone, especially by settling.

While I don’t believe there is only one specific soul mate for anyone, I do believe in a connection that goes beyond the present, sensory world and is “meant to be.” The best evidence I have for the existence of “soul mates” are couples I’ve known that fit together so well they seem to belong together, it seems like they’ve always been together and you can’t imagine them not together. I’m sure there’s more, but this is what I’m aware of that I’m seeking.

Fulfillment comes from giving, making a difference in the world, accomplishments that sometimes take sacrifice, learning, growing, stretching, etc.

I don’t want my partner resenting my work because it interferes with “our time,” I want my partner’s support for my work and trust that I value and want “our time” as well, and that we both do our best as adults to balance the needs of our work, family, relationship, etc. I require a strong spiritual connection So strong that we feel connected even when apart, or one of us is traveling.

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