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It is not a Morse Code to plot crimes and avoid The Law.

It is not for spicin’ up your lyrics, and it’s not Neo-Ebonics.

If you take a quick glance at an English Dictionary you’ll cee that there are very few English words, and most of them are derived from other languages.

So, the language or better yet ‘dialect’ called English is a makeshift system of signs & symbols used to define, articulate, convey, and preserve an American Worldview!

Dating rules – the Scandinavian version Dating, as mentioned above, is what we don’t do. I`ll make you a list of what we don’t do so you’re not confused: Edit March 2019: Do you want to read a romance that takes place in Scandinavia?

The Scandinavian word for ‘date’ is really old-fashioned and one my grandmother might have used but probably didn’t because I don’t think she dated either.

The Atlantis School For Gifted Youngsters is a global institution founded in Niagara Falls, NY that promotes educational programs, creative arts, cultural initiatives, audiovisual projects and commerce that supports the positive growth and development of youth and families. Whatever these stories may be, what we do know for a fact, is that we’ve been using this system since the birth of this Nation, and no one can claim ownership to that b.u.t. For those of you who’re interested in learning the “Who? So from the very beginning, I never conceptualized it as letters and words on a flat piece of paper!

This website features a bi-monthly blog that highlights the social commentary, current events and creative insights of its Founder, Saladin Quanaah Allah. With all the downloadable information about The NGE on the Internet, our Culture “appears” to be right at peoples fingertips. I learned The SUPREME ALPHABET as a system of Conceptual Applications in real time.

I have been contacted by more than one person wanting to date Scandinavian people or even marry one of us. Marrying a Scandinavian Let me answer the last question first: Yes, many of us choose not to get married but that doesn’t mean that we don’t live together or have children in well-established partnerships.

And how do we procreate if we don’t date and don’t marry?

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