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Most indigenous people identify with their ethnic or linguistic group first and perhaps as a Chilean second or even third.

For the ethnically European population, most people see themselves as being "Chilean" or "Chilenidad." Most of the people who are ethnic European see themselves as "Chilean," which they define in numerous ways, including by ethnic make-up, language, citizenships, food, clothing, and other aspects of culture and lifestyle.

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Although much of Chile's population has a culture rooted in Europe, the Mapuche maintain a culture rooted in historic Chile and the Andes Mountains.

Once the family returns home for the evening or the weekend, the essence of Chile's culture is exposed.

Families are very closely knit as mothers guarantee their sons are looked after until they're married and their daughters are taught to take over their role as they seek out a husband.

In this way most citizens of Chile either identify as being "Chilean," which is defined in cultural and ethnic terms.

or they identify with their indigenous group, which is often defined in linguistic or ethnic terms, such as the Mapuche.

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