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Some people say that Louis Koo has not married, in the heart has not put a woman, that is, Joe Chen.

Joe Chen so far not married, the heart is also not forget a man, he is Louis Koo.

Louis and Joe’s relationship turned sour recently when Louis’s friend Sandra Ng (吳君如) publicly revealed that she had tried to set up Louis with Taiwanese actress Michelle Chen (陳妍希).

Joe was angry that she was kept in the dark about their meal dates, and reportedly flew to the United States to mend her broken heart.

For nearly 2 years in showbiz news, many have become the goddess into the family of wife, mother, including was named the gold 3S lady of Ruby Lin, Hsu Chi, has been to marry Joe Chen recently in micro-blog wrote the mood: "God said, this girl is so special, she had to wait, because I have to give her a special", thought she just waiting for the most suitable, the most special, get a lot of fans support, "the wrong one, you deserve the best, want to wait for the right people, idol and Prince Charming reach old age together.

It is reported that Joe Chen, born in Taiwan in April 4, 1979, the 37 year old Joe Chen's age is also Laotaibuxiao, Joe Chen love has been users attention.

Would you please eat moon cakes I and Joe Chen, you say what you want some?

" Then Joe Chen also forwarded the micro-blog and ridicule: "thank you for your teacher ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~!

The two were introduced by a mutual friend and quickly fell in love, even considering marriage.On Saturday, Joe posted a photo of a cat with a crab sitting on its head.She included a cryptic message that appeared to address the current gossips.His most recent role was 'Beauties of the Emperor,' which was released in 2012, prior to his enlistment.In late 2013, it was rumored that Ming Dao was dating actress, Cecilia Liu.

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