Chatbot girls

Baemax, ever the positive and complimenting conversationalist, gives her a little confidence boost: At the heart of it, it’s a nice and inoffensive interaction.However, I couldn’t help but think of the dangers that chatbots can present.There’s a startup that’s been getting attention recently for a product that caters to that very need: Replika, the chatbot that aims to become your best friend. To be frank, Replika still has ways to go in mimicking human conversation.I found that it easily gave confusing responses, like it didn’t really “get me”.Our early introduction to the world of AI was Natasha, the chatbot on Hike messenger.And now, with the arrival of Siri, Alexa, Cortana, people are slowly opening up and getting used to talking to inanimate objects. AI Can Now Generate Whole Real-looking Bodies Of People Thanks to technology, we are constantly in touch with our loved ones over various social media platforms, as it is now.She only shared photos which are also available on her Facebook profile, but who knows how much more she would have shared if the chatbot was malicious.

It is easy to miss a few texts from your mom and go about your pre-occupations of the day, and it is not uncommon at all to find couples complaining about how their partners don’t respond to them on time, no matter where you are in the world.I thought I’d share parts of it (keeping her identity anonymous), so that you can see for yourself.And yes, the chatbot’s incessant flirting is stressing me at this point — It’s a 13-year-old girl!The only thing that would stop the loop is to say “stop”, but unfortunately that never crosses her mind, and she eventually gives up trying to get a sensible response from him: She never sent another message after that. I don’t know how much this affected her, but I feel bad for having caused her pain.I didn’t design my bot to have relationships of any significance.

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