Chat mom and boy online free u235 earth dating

I stay with my parents or should I say with my mom as my dad is out of town for more than half of the year due to his work commitments.

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and mom was not at home neither was she expected back in some time so i logged on to the internet and started chatting on some adult sites(it was more for virtual sex than for chatting).

son4mom:hi mom welcome back hornymom4u:hey sonny boy how is my son doing son4mom:mommy iam doing great hows that hairy pussy of yours.

hornymom4u:its great son and is waiting for a dick to rip it apart son4mom:mom i would have done that if i was your son hornymom4u:yes son i know but you arent my son and my son is dumb boy who just cant see how bad his mom wants him son4mom:mom how is he going to understand how bad you want him as you told in the morning you never gave him any signals or did anything that could make him realise....

As luck will have it I couldnt find even a single "horny mom" out there who would love roleplaying with a virtual son until I found her.

Sons want the knowledge of an older woman when it comes to fucking, and they could get it from their mommies!hornymom4u:son if i wasnt dying for him then i would have kicked hiss balls the first time i felt his hard on while he was sleeping with me after school.son4mom:yes mom maybe he is waiting for some more direct signals and wants you to make the first move hornymom4u:yes maybe but i dont know what to do if he doesnt like my doing this then what will i do son4mom:mommy you got to try it once only then can you find what he wants and what he doesnt want.dont you try this right now anyways its only you two at home hornymom4u:dimwit has gone to his friends place but thank him for that otherwise i would have not got a computer to talk to you and maybe show you my body.i thought how she through her virtual identity wanted her son to rip apart her clothes and fuck her and if I should do the same right now but I decided against it and thought itll be better if I wait till night and let her see me through web cam and watch her through web cam.There was a small hitch , we had only one computer and only one web cam at home so it was no way that both of us could log in at the same time.

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