Carbon 14 dating dead sea scrolls

Therefore I knew that radiocarbon dating was likely to be a sensitive subject to Eisenman.For this reason, though I was burning to discuss radiocarbon dating with Eisenman when I went out to California, out of consideration for his peace of mind I made a conscious point not to raise the subject or ask him about radiocarbon dating until after the “Nova” filming was completed.The radiocarbon datings of the Dead Sea Scrolls at Zurich were in the news when I visited Eisenman on that occasion. It was this public domain reporting of Dead Sea text radiocarbon datings which was the start of my intense interest in radiocarbon dating.At that point everyone in the entire Dead Sea Scrolls field was interested in radiocarbon dating.Robert Eisenman and Philip Davies had written the director of the Israel Antiquities Authority, Amir Drori, urging the new method, AMS radiocarbon dating, be used to date the Dead Sea Scrolls.Several months later this request of Eisenman and Davies was acted upon by the Israel Antiquities Authority and fourteen Dead Sea texts were radiocarbon dated, eight from Qumran.But when I phoned Eisenman and read him my proposed letter, I learned to my surprise and distress that Eisenman actually was opposed to further radiocarbon datings.The results on the first set had been disappointing, he told me, and there was no need to press further.

However I was sympathetic to helping Eisenman if I could do so in a manner consistent with what I believed.

Despite anything that has happened since, I will always remember these things.

During my first semester of graduate study at Cornell in the fall of 1991, Eisenman called me inviting me to fly out to the West coast to appear with him for a filming of “Nova” in the Huntington Library at San Marino, California.

Eisenman’s invitation and the hospitality of his family on that trip were very generous and gracious.

On pages 41-44 of his 2006 book The New Testament Code (London: Watkins Publishing), and in articles published last week on the Huffington Post (Oct.

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