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The organs of vision in Lepidoptera are well developed.On the sides of the head are large hemispherical compound eyes consisting of an enormous number (up to 27,000) of om-matidia, which produce a general mosaic image.When the legs come into contact with a sugary liquid, a reflex causes the proboscis to uncoil.The presence of organs of hearing has been established as yet only in the higher forms of the order which are active at night.A majority of the Lepidoptera live a crepuscular or nocturnal way of life, and only the butterflies and skippers and a few representatives of other groups are active during the day.The Lepidoptera feed on the nectar of flowers, the juices of rotting fruit, and various sugary secretions of plants, but some of them (for example, the bagworms, lackey moths, and promi-nents) do not feed in an adult state, but live on reserve substances accumulated in fatty tissue during the larval (caterpillar) stage.This has been reflected in the structure of the wing and the thoracic area.

The mesothorax has movable plate-like processes, or tegu-lae. In a majority of instances the female has separate copulative and ovipositor openings.Above the compound eyes there often are two so-called simple eyes.Olfaction plays an important role in the life of Lepidoptera, particularly the nocturnal ones.The placement of the varicolored scales on the wing is specific and forms complex patterns which are characteristic for each species and often for each taxonomic group.The colors and patterns of the wings have a dual biological significance.

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