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Then I went and washed my mouth, put my jacket back on, and drove home. He got a hotel room to calm me down and fix myself.

Slept until about pm, felt like a train wreck the whole day, and had explosive diarrhea that night. When we got to the hotel room I took him helping me out to abusing me so I started hitting the shit outta him and throwing whatever I grabbed at him.

I got there, burst in through the front door, but no one was there, but I heard people upstairs, so up I went. I don't remember who all was up there, except this one chick that lives there.

I know she said that she was going to bed, and I probably tried to convince her to bang me instead.

Around halfway through my third it gets fuzzy so this goes on stories I heard.

About 10 more people showed up with more alcohol and I downed 4 bears and finished my 3rd loko.

I was put in the shower and my friends told me to hold on to the bar and pretend I was on my dirt bike so i didn't drown.

When everyone was helping me into the shower I constintly apologized to everyone for my small penis and then saying fuck you to everyone for laughing.

I cracked my 4th and snorted 2 lines of something, I don't remember what.

My next memory brings me to my refrigorator taking my 5th loko out putting it on the counter as I proceeded to fall on my kitchen floor and putting the loko case under my head because I was in my puke.

I announced this to the group I was talking with, then as I turned around to start my way through the crowd to the door, someone pushed me, sending me drunkenly stumbling through the crowd, pushing trollops left and right. I exit the house, and decided to go to my buddies house.

I did my best Vince Mc Mahon strut the whole way there.

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