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The trip takes half a day and costs 5 hryvnas for the Russian-language version. The Odessa Privoz is one of the biggest farmers' markets in the world and rivals those in lstanbul and Mexico City.As the saying goes, you can find anything up to and including nuclear devices at the Privoz, but a better description is everything that is edible and in season in the Cl S, plus a whole lot more.Some buildings display a carious mixture of different styles, and some are built in the Art Nouveau Style which was in vogue at the turn of the century.A number of other buildings were done in Renaissance or Classicist styles which again returned to favor early this century.

Odessits loved the City Garden as that was the most fashionable place to walk and the brass band was playing music there. Winter is short and mild with an average temperature of around freezing point.

Another name of Odessa is "The Pearl of the Black Sea".

Our city is old with great history and traditions…When you come you will have an opportunity to see the famous places such as Petemkin Steps, Opera House, Primorsky boulevar. It is the third largest Ukrainian city after Kiev and Kharkov, a major industrial, cultural, scientific and resort center in the Northern Black Sea region.

More than 400 km of catacombs are buried beneath Odessa.

Both partisans and smugglers have used them over the years, and the part of the catacombs which resistance fighters used in 1941 is open to the public.

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