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We realize that a lot of people who read this may be interested in learning some Korean.Therefore in addition to each fact, we have added in one key vocabulary that relates to that point.Type AB males will also do, but stay away from Type A’s!While not everyone believes in this, expect to hear about it while you’re in Korea.If you can’t read 한글 (Korean alphabet) yet, you can learn it for free in about one hour by downloading a free guide here.Similar to their next-door neighbors in Japan, Koreans think that there is some significance to their blood type.

It is needed in trauma accidents when life-saving blood is required immediately, before blood type is identified.

All of these factors have led to a greater interest in Korea, and also studying the Korean language.

Besides the reasons for Korea’s fame, there are a lot of unique facts that you don’t hear about until you are actually experiencing everyday life heres about South Korea that may surprise you!

In the West, we often hear news about their neighbors up North.

People all around the world hear about Korea’s love for plastic surgery.

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