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The review post will give you more information on what I think of the game now that I have spent a good amount of time playing it. Read More » Booty Calls is one of the hottest free hentai games from Nutaku games at the moment.

Its popularity has only increased after the exclusive deal it has made with Asa Akira to feature in the game.

Die hard RPG players looking for features found in high end dungeon crawler games will be scathing of the lack of imagination that …

Read More » To play Hitomi my Stepsister you will need to be connected to the internet to validate your registration; once the game starts however you can disconnect. New game and Quit need no explanation and Continue allows you to start the game from a save point.

In addition you will find bl-games (boy love) which are gay hentai games (also known as yaoi).

Many Japanese hentai games have still not been translated into English, but our reviews will cover mainly those which have.

Extra offers you the ability to enjoy CGs, erotic scenes and music from …

At the beginning of the true love game, you must name your character and choose what type of guy is he: Normal, Intellectual, Sports Guy, and Playboy.

If you are a lover of futanari and are a regular visitor of Adult Games News you may have seen the review of Sensual Adventures.

The Sensual Adventures series of animations is ongoing, but at the time of writing there have been three episodes. Read More » Coffee Shop Interactive Story is an alternative version of the Coffee Shop image set available from Affect3D.

I haven’t seen the image set, but I would imagine that it has been turned into this game; a good thing, as it offers alternative ways of viewing, depending on which you prefer.

Puppetmaster who created the game do know how to produce quality futanari animations; whether you like them or not will depend on your sexual tastes to some extent. Read More » The Sagara Family is a traditional Japanese adult hentai game.

These are quite different to traditional adult games so may require a little practice at first; however, stick with it because they are fun to play, amusing and surprisingly sexy.

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