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report, by over a dozen of his former employees that his London-based corporate headquarters is toxic, especially for women. “The company has hired an independent organization, Peninsula Group, to formally investigate claims of injustice,” Andreev said in the statement.“Anyone who has information of misconduct within our workplace is encouraged to contact Peninsula Group, which will ensure the protection and confidentiality of all complainants.

Stafford admits "it’s an interesting concept with regards to checking if someone is who they say they are," but that won't be enough to convince her to delete Tinder, Bumble and the like.

I've had that happen on there before." She's not entirely sold on the idea, however. Not knowing what someone will be like is part of the fun."Some also believe that livestream online dating could result in more unwanted images.

"The number of guys out there who only send dick pics is already off the charts.

Bumble’s founder and CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd also responded to , “All of us at Bumble are mortified by the allegations about Badoo (Bumble’s majority owner) from the years before Bumble was born, as chronicled in the Forbes story.

I am saddened and sickened to hear that anyone, of any gender, would ever be made to feel marginalized or mistreated in any capacity at their workplace.”Allegations made by the 13 former employees cite a sexist office culture, including internal engineering updates named after porn stars and a widely circulated video of one employee receiving oral sex from a prostitute.

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