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The suspicion is that a star indicates a gold brass bell (higher copper content), while a "B" indicates a "French brass" bell.None of this is confirmed at the moment (July 2009).The second character, also a letter, indicates the month of the year; "A" for January, "B" for February, "C" for March, "D" for April, "E" for May, "F" for June, "G" for July, "H" for August, "I" for September, "J" for October, "K" for November, and "L" for December.

In March of 1974 an alpha-numeric system was established, where the first character (letter) of a serial number indicated the decade; "G" for the 1970's, "H" for the 1980's, etc.Many of today's most preferred instruments owe their original success to Conn's innovation. These innovative designs, enhanced by superior craftsmanship and technological breakthroughs, have provided today's musicians with the superior instrument performance.Trumpet Serial Number Lookup Bach Stradivarius Trumpet 37 Serial Numbers Selmer Bach Trumpet Serial Numbers Bach Trumpet Serial Number Search Bach Strad Trumpet Serial Numbers Bach Trumpets Models To Avoid Bach Stradivarius 37 Serial Numbers Bach Trumpet Serial Number Lookup #1 Bob Ferguson 7 September, 2013, .In 1875, a French musical instrument maker named Dupont stopped by the shop and asked if he might use Conn's bench to repair some horns.After watching him work for several days, Conn decided that he, too, could make a horn.

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