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Gidge spends her days lounging in a swimsuit on her poolside patio, or else tucked under a lacy comforter, wearing nothing but a bra and bathrobe, with a chocolate-glazed donut perched on the pile of books beside her.“Good morning girls,” she writes on her blog one day.

His book Coming of Age in Second Life, titled in homage to Margaret Mead’s classic, documents the texture of the platform’s digital culture.It raises questions about where unfettered fantasy leads, as well as about how we navigate the boundary between the virtual and the real.As virtual-reality technology grows more advanced, it promises to deliver a more fully realized version of what many believed Second Life would offer: total immersion in another world.She wakes up at to inhabit a life in which she has the luxury of never getting out of bed at all.The short answer is that it’s a virtual world that launched in 2003 and was hailed by some as the future of the internet.

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