Autoupdating forms

If the preview looks correct, click Save and segment, and you’re done.

If you’d like to create a group, once you’re on the list you want to group, click Manage Contacts, the Groups.

So groups are a way of organizing subscribers by interest and preference, and subscribers can be part of any number of group categories and group names.

So a person could be not interested in cars at all (and be in nothing in that group) or be interested in all three brands of cars.

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Let’s have a look at segments vs groups in Mailchimp, what they are, and then when it makes sense to each one.The easiest way to to think about groups in Mailchimp is think of them like categories.Where a segment is a filter, groups are a way to categorize subscribers, typically organized by interests or preferences.So, if that email only goes to that one specific segment, I wouldn’t be sending it to subscribers who bought both, because they wouldn’t be in that segment.So segmenting is a way of filtering your subscribers based on information you know about them.

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