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Most of the kids are home, except Fifi and Tracy who are being picked up, and Kitty who has to clean the classroom. After cleaning, Tracy gets picked up, and Fifi tells about how her mother is busy as her baby brother has turned two and is getting into everything. Fifi's mother picks her up and notes on how busy Mrs. At four o'clock, Mimmy notices Kitty has forgotten her umbrella and Kitty thinks her parents don't love her anymore as they didn't pick her up.She notices the train station people are lucky as they get to go away and decides to ride a train to her grandparents' house, so she rides a train, remembering when she first rode one with her family, and then runs to her grandparents' house.They then look at photos of the parents when they were dating, and say that Papa was shy and Mama was noticed by a lot of men then. Papa: Don't fret, she'll realize there's no way we'll stop loving our kids and your folks will talk to her.

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The next day Kitty wakes up Julianna and makes her cry because she thought she was awake, and Mama puts her back to sleep.

The grandparents dry her off and change her clothes, and then she shouts her mother doesn't love her, so Grandma phones up, and meanwhile, at home, Kitty and Mimmy's parents are glad Kitty's alright and discuss that they should get more attention. Mama: My mother told me, Kitty thinks that I really don't love her anymore.

The grandparents show photos of Mimmy and Kitty as babies, and Kitty wonders how the grownups could tell them apart then. Mama: I guess we just became so involved with Julianna, we ignore them. That's the most heartwrenching thing, I ever heard.

Fifi: They have a little baby staying over at their house right now, Mom.

Hello Kitty fans – if you missed the previous Hello Kitty Meet and Greet at Universal Studios Singapore (USS) in December 2017, we’ve got great news for you.

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