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To boot, whenever a white actress plays the role of Cleopatra, the black community loudly objects.

As the previous commenter mentioned, there is probably some colonial mindset in the way Egyptians perceive people of other races, especially since they don't have opportunity to interact with people of other color.

In terms of this article, it was recently published and I found it interesting, which is why I referenced it now.

Readers can go to any other mainstream website for analysis of what's going on in Egypt politically, but this article--written by an African American man--examined what it's like to be sub-Saharan African in Egypt.

I'm curious, however, about why you chose to highlight this particular issue about Egypt specifically. Given what is happening in Egypt and their desperate bid to attain freedom against all odds, and the tremendous role that women have been playing there, why choose to focus on this issue? And if you must bring it up, because it is definitely not a issue that should be swept under the carpet, why is there not even an attempt to analyze the situation - why merely report on an article already published? Is it economic - do they view immigrants as competing for an already low pool of jobs? I don't think highlighting an article about racism in Egypt is the same as painting all Egyptians as racist.

Are there no political, economic, social reasons for why this perception held by some Egyptians? How have African immigrants figured in the current uprising? I did not say that nor did the author I'm highlighting.

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