American girl dating turkish guy

It may sound cliché and completely unmasculine, but in Asian culture, the men are raised to always offer comfort for the female, making sure that they are provided and cared for. They might steal a kiss or two when no one’s looking, but in retrospect the Asian male would much rather prefer it behind closed doors.

Whether it’s their demeanour towards the public eye, or how they choose privacy over strong lustful urges, it’s easy to assume Asian males are more conservative when it comes to showcasing their emotions.

Whereas in the 19th century, Asian men were portrayed at the other extreme in the 19th century: sexually dangerous and desirable.

There are religional and cultural similarities but the personality of turkish men is different.

Turkish men's mothers are very important for them and every Turkish mother wants a virgin Turkish girl. Most Turkish men do not want to marry with a woman who is not virgin. One of them is for marriage, one of them is for fun. Turkish men make a marriage with foreign girls generally because of economic reasons like green card or british visa, working or living permissions.

Because this is engrained at such an early age, this may cause some Asian men to continue withholding emotion as they grow up.

It’s rare to hear traditional Asian parents say “I love you” to their children.

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