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Where some schools have tried to contain conversations about policing and race (just 40 percent of university presidents in a recent survey said that dialogue has increased across their campuses in the wake of Black Lives Matter events), Johnson’s staff put together a forum on Ferguson for cadets with guidance from the Knapsack Institute, which helps schools and businesses navigate tricky conversations.

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During the year, faculty gather occasionally during lunch to talk about books on belonging.Educators and military officials are grappling with shifting demographics, where the people in leadership roles look less and less like the people they are charged with serving.At colleges across the country, the overwhelming whiteness of those in power has prompted Black Lives Matter activists to call for more diversity.Up recently were Beverly Daniel Tatum’s Cadet Colonel Tarina Crook, an African American student, attended the Ferguson forum.“We just had the most respectful conversation I thought imaginable,” she said.

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