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To my horror, I found many articles about anti-circumcision. I found a urologist in Atlanta who performs adult circumcisions. After speaking to trusted member of the circumcision center staff, I made the appointment for circumcision.

Early morning on August 25, 2006, I drove from my home in Gainesville, Florida to Atlanta, Georgia, a distance of 335 miles, to visit the urologist who specialized in circumcision. Although I read a lot about the procedure, there were still a lot of uncertainty of what to expect.

He told me that he would be assisting the doctor in the circumcision procedure.

I followed him to the prep room, which was next to the examination room.

He pinched the amount of foreskin that he suggested removing, along with the recommendation of removing the frenum, which attaches the foreskin to the bottom of the glans.

This is done so that the outcome would resemble that of a neonatal circumcision.

He handed me a hospital gown and instructed me to completely removed all my clothing before putting on the gown. After some small talk, he assured me that it was not unusual for someone my age to want circumcision as an elected surgery for social and not medical reason, which made me feel less of a dork.

When he left I felt so helpless and lonely but, the thought of finally being circumcised seems real. He told me he had performed nearly 300 circumcisions last year.

I agreed that it would be the most pleasant look when the glans is always exposed.

The circumcision would eliminate the smell and maintain cleanliness because the foreskin would not be there to cover the head.

As usual, when ever my genitals are examined by a doctor I get an erection.

When the welcoming speech was over, I took a deep breath and removed the gown and tossed it aside so he inspect my penis.

It was the first time I have ever been completely naked in front of a doctor.

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