Adult dating member tony gick

We called Tommy into the bedroom and, with the three of us sitting naked on the bed, we told him of our idea, that his dad would have sex with me in the morning, as always and him and his father would have me together at night. This was to be my first threesome and I couldn't be happier being it was going to be with my son and my husband. Each one played with one of my tits and both started sucking my nipples I went from one to the other, kissing them and feeling them up.Their hands were all over my body as it started writhing in pleasure. Soon, his cock was in me, fucking me as my son's cock pressed up against my ass. My orgasms continued for minutes as my body convulsed in pleasure. A full year from day one, I have never been more sexually satisfied as I am now with my husband and son.By nature, I am an over sexed woman or as my husband calls me, a nympho. I am in my early forties and not bad looking for my age.I am 5'7", 130, 38-26-36, red hair, green eyes and a firm ass.(Cabrera says he once weighed his member himself, and it clocked in at two pounds.) You can watch his process below, but be warned that once you see a man hold his penis upright so that it graces the top of his head, you cannot unsee that.Despite what people may think, having a penis this large leads to a lot of hardship.

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Now that Tony couldn't do anything, I talked to him about my needs. Later that day, I saw Tony talking to Tommy by the pool. "Tommy, your mom and I have a problem and we need your help." "Sure dad, whatever you need, let me know," Tommy said. My son finally pulled out his cock and fell to the side. I moved my hand down and scooped up some cum and tasted his nectar which was heavenly.

Well, what would you say if your mom wanted to have sex with you until my leg is healed? I told him the Tommy was terrific and I thanked my husband for suggesting it.

" Tommy looked at him and said, "Dad, you want me to have sex with mom? " Tony told him it would be, normally, but not in this case. Tommy finally agreed to have sex with me and I was elated. *********** Fast forward two months The cast was finally coming off of Tony's leg.

Tommy, our 18 year old son, is 5'8", about 160, brown hair, brown eyes and a large 9" cut cock.

On more than one occasion, Tommy has seen me and Tony fucking.

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