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When Hella returns to Paris, David resolves to build a life with her and leaves Giovanni, escaping without a word.David struggles with his decision, and eventually Hella learns the truth about his relationship with Giovanni.

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In an essay Baldwin wrote in 1949 for Zero magazine titled “Preservation of Innocence,” he boldly criticized portrayals of homosexuals in contemporary American fiction, most acutely in hard-boiled detective novels: “These novels are not concerned with homosexuality but with the ever present danger of sexual activity between men.” For Baldwin, a novel was meant to witness experiences beyond our definition and understanding of human behavior.Eventually, Dial Press published the book, and the critics praised it for its prose and its honesty. Baldwin’s materials,” wrote New York Times critic Granville Hicks, “one rejoices in the skill with which he renders them.” The plot is a simple one.David, living in the south of France, recounts his last year in Paris after his girlfriend Hella has left for several weeks in Spain.On the other hand, Spain and Japan are notably unreactive to the gay community—although the Japanese population, especially of the older generations, dislike PDA of any kind, whether it’s gay or straight. Friends and folks on the Internet may have plenty of anecdotes.While anecdotes aren’t a scientific sampling of a location, they can reveal a lot about the general atmosphere of city or country.

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